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Queen’s Gambit: How the Netflix Show Emerges as a revolution for the game

Netflix has always batted for powerful content and hence it has remained on the higher side coming up with some incredible shows on its platform. The next one called Queen’s Gambit seems to prove the same as it came as a surprise hit for the streaming giant. This web series is proving to be a revolutionary show and it moves around the subject, while Netflix has too much data to prove that it is a big hit. 

As per the streaming giant, the series has remained on the top ten series in not less than popular on the show list of many companies. As per the streaming giant she the show has gained a good buzz in 92 nations along with ranking high in the 63 nations. The series has gained a good buzz around the world. It is based on the bestseller list of The New York Times and thus has emerged as the topper in the 37 years after its release. The show is gaining good response all across the world with 100 per cent of occupancy. 

There also reports that claim that the show has boosted up the sale of chess boards as well. At the stores like 1stDibs, the last few weeks in the month witnessed a 100% increase in sales of chessboards, along with tables and pieces which seemed to have compared to this time period last year. The other shopping sites like eBay also noticed the same and these reported with a 273% growth for the search for chess sets along with others. As per reports, the chest master Levy Rozman also witnessed higher visits on his Twitch channel increasing the audience from 70,000 views to 500,000 views.

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