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If you are a filmy freak, BTown Stories is an apt place for you. It offers you a daily dose of filminess to B Town hungry fans and followers on your elegant portal. With BS, you get loads of news, views, and content surrounding Bollywood Films, Celebs, and Happenings around Tinsel Town. That’s not all, you have the dose for web series and digital films, TV world, and other entertainment platforms thus making BTown Stories as the talking point amongst readers and the entertainment industry insiders.

We are all set to reach across millions of filmy fans and freaks all across the world with the latest and hot stuff on B Town. Founded by a bunch of Bollywood enthusiasts, competitive digital marketers and Content Creators. We intend to grow in the changing entertainment landscape with our subtle and infallible content. We will bring top-notch content all the time crafted by our smart and savvy team.

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