Gauahar & Zaid Wedding: How the Bride is Missing her Family, check her emotional post

As Gauhar Khan is gearing up to become the beloved wife of Zaid Darbar, we see the couple busy in their pre-wedding festivities. She is away from her hometown to get hooked on Mr. Right. However, she seems to be missing her family a lot. She was seen writing a story on Instagram sharing the photo with her beau and jotting down her feelings.  She wrote how badly she is missing family.

The photo we shared above speaks a lot on the Instagram story. As you check the photo one can make out what she has written. She said how her whole heart is away and she is missing them badly a lot. She then named her brother and his wife for being the most and then shared their pictures saying how she is missing her friend cum bhabhi on this big day. The family also reciprocate the same love and feelings they have for the lady.  She shared one picture with her sister in law saying that she got the bhabhi the way she wanted.

And then said she loves her lot to which her sister in law replied she also loves a lot. The 37 years old actress has been writing about her family a lot and thus was seen planning to come soon. The couple is going to be getting married this Friday and it also happens to be the eve of Christmas so it will be a double celebration for the two. Stay tuned to know more about the bride and the groom along with their marriage only with us.

Bharati Parate

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