Deewangi ki Raat Song starring Swaraj Manchanda, Dimple Soni and Rahul Yadav To Release on Sunshine Music

Deewangi ki Raat

Sunshine Music is all set to release yet another beautiful song – Deewangi Ki Raat. The song is ready to get its release soon, which has one of the best star cast having actors like Swaraj Manchanda, Dimple Soni and Rahul Yadav. These are among the big names as far as their projects are concerned. All of these actors have worked in a couple of movies, TV shows and web series apart from different music videos and songs and Deewangi Ki Raat is yet another addition in their kitty.

The melodious song produced by 3 Wings has one of the best locations as it is shot in Rajasthan. Swaraj Manchada is one of the leading faces of this song who remains the teen actress along with the two – Dimple Soni and Rahul Yadav. The trio has worked in the film Kale Chitte Rang, which has been released in 71 countries. It has been screened in several international film festivals, getting nominations in several award functions. The actress Dimple has worked with Bhoomi Trivedi doing songs with 9xm.

Besides, she worked in Kaale Chitte Rang, seen in the lead role apart from playing the role in the web series in Criminal Justice. She has even worked in a number of other TV shows and a couple of them are in the pipeline. Talking about the actor Swaraj Manchanda, he has worked in few TV shows and a few songs as well. He played a negative role in one song, whereas he also was the part of few web series. He has a couple of projects in the pipeline. Rahul Yadav was also seen in Kaale Chitte Rang apart from being shown in MTV Reality Show and has a couple of projects in the pipeline. Soon we are going to see the trio in the said song produced by 3 wings production.

Jeetu Likhar

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