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Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni told Jasmine about Eijaz Kha

Jasmine Bhasin has looked very happy ever since Aly Goni has entered Bigg Boss 14’s house. Being a good friend, she has got a lot of support from his arrival. Ali is also seen guiding her a lot during the show.

After the Angels vs Devils task, Aly calls Jasmine to the landline to have a chit chat. Aly talks to Jasmine about his previous conversation with Eijaz. Aly tells Jasmine that Ejaz Khan is a very senior actor and she should respect his seniority.

He gives an example, “If I am 40 years old and someone calls me a little actor after doing so much work, it is heartbreaking.” I would have broken. I’m really sad. I am not telling you this because he is my friend… I am meeting him so close for the first time. But as an actor I respect a senior actor. “

Jasmine asks when she did not respect Eijaz. Aly reminds her that during the buzzer act, she was abusing Eijaz. He tells her, “Do whatever you want, but never insult him.” You can also slap me during an act, but don’t disrespect him. Perhaps when he is sitting alone, go and tell him that you are sorry if you have ever said anything bad about him. “

Aly asks Jasmine to promise him. Stay connected for the latest updates from Bigg Boss.

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