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What Kapil Sharma Show to go Off Air, the comedian shares the real reasons!

A big news is coming out at the moment as we can see the Kapil Shama Show going off air for a while. The show has always lived in the media for one or the other reason. It will be going off air for a temporary period while Kapil has earlier revealed that his wife is expecting his second baby and he has to be there with her to spend some quality time. Earlier, Kapil while answering the question in #AskKapil hinted about going off air for a while.

Since then the show has been making news in the media and we also saw Kapil sharing the real reason as to why he and his show going off air for a while. He said ever since the film gets back to the theatres, he will stay away from the show and secondly he and his wife are expecting their second baby and hence he has to be there with the two. Check his tweet as under: 

In another tweet the comedian said that he can have both a boy or girl but the baby has to healthy, check the tweet as under: 

There are rumors earlier that suggested that the actor is going to revamp the show. But as per TOI, the real reason is the family time which is the need of the hour. Stay tuned to know more about the show only with us.

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