Before recording, radio and their successors were widespread, people would gather around to enjoy music. Some would sing, some would play makeshift instruments and others would simply enjoy – everyone was a part of the bigger picture.

And in our times we launch whatever streaming app is on our phone and that’s it, it’s just us and a box in our hands. Sounds lonely, doesn’t it?

Of course, right now we are wary of gatherings but try to remember your relationship with music even in pre-covid times. It was still you and your phone.

Bands like Delhi’s ShowStoppers love to share the magic of live music. They play at various social events. They may be musicians but can skilfully paint the big picture of music. They go up on stage with their heart set on making it an enjoyable experience for their audience.

The ShowStoppers’ lead singers Ragini Goswami and Rao Gaurav are an explosion of talent. Their talent mixed with their years of training and experience, helps them weave an enjoyable ambience.

To complement these amazing vocalists the ShowStoppers have DJ Abhi, sound engineer Dinesh, percussionist Tarun and dhol player Rinku, and Bhuvan the hype creator.

This talented group of individuals came together when Sagar Dawar founded the band ShowStoppers. The ShowStoppers are not contained within a genre, they understand the pulse of music and mould themselves into any song’s feel easily.

Plugging your earphones in to jam out is easy and convenient, but true justice to music is done when everyone – the artist and the audience – get to connect and enjoy the magic of music.

Devashish Jain

Devashish Jain is an IT guy who takes care of the technical aspects of the website. He is also a writer by hobby and loves to write on various issues including entertainment and lifestyle. He loves to experiment and a risk taker, which makes him an extraordinary element of B Town Stories. With his creative and time tested ideas, he keeps on driving the portal smooth.
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