The Journey of Waleed Bin Saif from Becoming an Engineer to Becoming a Successful entrepreneur.

Coming from humble beginnings, Waleed Saif is an engineering graduate from Jammu University. After finishing his degree, Waleed was immediately acquainted with his family’s construction business which, of course, was an easy career for him. He started his early career, working as an engineer in the family owned business, working there for two years. This, however, was not enough for this self-driven young man. Being associated with his family business provided him the advantage to explore the depths of networking and the upcoming business prospects. Waleed invested his time in travel, photography and various other arts that provided him a creative edge.

The regular-joe job that guaranteed him financial security was not enough to satisfy his creative and adventurous soul and once the pandemic put the entire world under lockdown, he knew this was his moment- To invest his time and gather the fruitful results of his creative ideas. Being a sociable, avid traveller with a knack for networking, he began working on his long held dream- A place where more creative people like him could spend time in an aura of excellent hospitality and ambience. His dream and undying efforts finally bore results. On 28th July 2020, Waleed launched the initial part of his project- A cozy little bakery on an 80 square feet space. The means were less but the idea was big. This little space soon gained popularity among the locals and what earlier was an 80 square feet, soon became double and now 6 months later, Waleed is the proud owner of 280 plus square feet of an ambient,social space that transformed from a bakery to a perfect little cafe, called Cake Town.

What started as a small, local business with just three employees, soon grew into a talk of the town, with almost ten plus employees. Waleed’s venture now employs people who wish to acquire creative employment goals and not participate in the rat race for traditional jobs. Cake Town is the perfect destination for anyone who wishes to enjoy delicious cuisines within their budget, all the while being surrounded by an ethnic and traditional setting.

What started as a mere dream of an individual who wished to do more than just settle for a typical job, soon turned out to be a unique opportunity for many other individuals like him to work with their creative insights.

When asked, Waleed says that the journey was indeed difficult as I performed 80% of the tasks on my own due to lack of manpower during the pandemic. However, with a little grit, hard work and an unflinching dedication, Waleed proved that, with a little determination, no dream is unachievable.

Cake Town Banihal

Waleed Bin Saif

Jeetu Likhar

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