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The Big Bull Starring Abhishek Bachchan is pushed ahead to 2021 due for Scam 1992’s Success

The film The Big Bull starring Abhishek Bachchan seems to get a jolt. All thanks to the super success of the SonyLiv web series – Scam 1992. We saw too many web series and films releasing on different OTT platforms. Thanks to the COVID 19 attack. Interestingly the Pratik Gandhi starrer web series did well on the OTT platform emerging as the highest rated series of 2020. The makers are still enjoying celebrating in the digital world. Now, this has affected the film based on a similar genre.

Yes, the Junior Bachchan starrer film is now being pushed considering the fact that it is based on the life of the Big Bull Harshad Mehta only, and the makers are right in assessing the fact that the film might not get a good response, which has somewhere delayed the release of the film. The manner in which the Pratik Gandhi web series has performed in terms of getting a huge number of audience and even bagging the highest ratings from the critics and platforms like IMDb, it has to affect the film with a similar story.

Although the makers of the film knew that their movie is similar to Scam 1992, they never expected to do that big on the streaming platform. The show was applauded a lot and it has emerged as the top shows of 2020 beating the others like Mirzapur as well. They also fear that the movie can invite trolls as released in the near future. Hence they have now decided to push the film a little late in 2021. It is obvious to see that the critics and audience would get the chance to compare the series and the film along with the leading man Gandhi and Junior Bachchan. Thus they are now playing safe by pushing the release date of the film.

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