Sandeep Nahar the MS Dhoni act found Dead as he posted suicide Video and Note

The Indian film and TV industry have witnessed a bad time as one can see too many losses here and there in this domain. Too many deaths and many more losses in the industry has made things really bad to worse. The latest death is reported of the MS Dhoni actor Sandeep Nahar who appeared in the role of the shopkeeper in the film who supported the cricketer to rise to popularity getting into the Indian team. 

As per reports, the actor had posted a ten minute long video where he blatantly alleged his wife and mother in law for taking up this extreme step. He claimed that he was frustrated with his day to day fights with his wife and mother in law. He even said in his video which is now deleted from Facebook that he was supposed to take this extreme step a few months before but pushed it considering that things would change but nothing of that sort happened, which made him take this step. 

He was rushed by his family at the hospital but was declared dead on arrival. With his brief sucide note he wrote how his wife is responsible for his death and even mentioned the politics he faced in the industry informed the police. He was found unconscious in his residence at Goregaon before he was taken to the SVR Hospital. He also said in his video that his wife used to blackmail her and his mother in law also supported her wife in this. The police informed that he made this video three hours before his death. 

Bharati Parate

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