Piyush Bhatt a Competent Man in Real Estate world in Delhi and NCR

Piyush Bhatt is a man of Midas Touch in Real Estate World in Delhi and NCR 

Piyush Bhatt is dynamic when it comes to the real estate world in Delhi and in the NCR. He may be young, but that’s not his demerit. He has made it his strong point to work hard and gain more experience and expertise when it comes to carrying out the real estate business in Delhi and in the NCR. Despite being a student of Manav Rachna University, he works as a real estate ventures and cracked many deals in Delhi and NCR driving more than thousands of projects in the said area till date. Besides being active in cracking several real estate deals for his clients, he is also in property development.

Piyush Bhatt

With his Real Estate Development property firm, he is able to develop several properties and made for sale for many in Delhi and in the NCR. He works on the idea of giving his clients complete satisfaction with comprehensive solutions making them feel strong. Besides, he also deals with MLM ventures and has a firm registered for the same. Despite the fact that the real estate world is in a bad shape, we see this man leaving no stone unturned to move things in the right direction. He is involved in various real estate ventures and deals, helping him go steady in this field.

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Besides, being active in the real estate business, he is also a student and at the age of 19, he has managed to achieve good in his field. He is based in Delhi’s plush location called Sainik Farms. He likes to be active on social media and loves to sing and even act. In his free time, he is also involved in such things besides going great guns in the real estate world. He intends to establish himself as a competent man in this domain making himself as a known businessman in real estate in Delhi and in the NCR.

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