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OMG: Astrologers predict separation for Pee Cee and Nick Jonas as All Is Not Well Between the couple

Ever since Priyanka Chopra changed her name over her Instagram gram bio from Pee Cee Jonas to simply Pee Cee, there are rumors about the couple getting separated. Many feel that the couple is having a tough time and hence they are likely to get rid of each other. The rumors went to such an extent that Pee Cee’s mom had to address the issue before the media rubbished all the mess in the media.  She categorically explained to everyone stating that nothing seems to be the case with the two as they are still a happy couple. 

Amidst all the buzz, the known astrologer was seen predicting the future of the star couple. However, she did not say anything to Nick as you check the same on her profile and we see him and his brother too in the list of following by the actress. Now, talking about the astrologer, we see a name called Jagannath Guruji who is seen predicting Pee Cee along with Nick Jonas also coming ahead to render them the same. However, there are no such reports about the two suggesting that they have problems. On the other hand the man claims that they have problems in their relationship and that they are going to separate. 

He predicted saying that they would soon be going to end up separating and it would however would be on amicable way. They have too many misconceptions about each other and that their bad time has started with the Kesu period hence the Mahadasha of Mars seems to be in a bad state that has started in 2021 and it will go beyond 28. This period is long and that they will take their support back in this way they are going to go ahead with separation. 

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan
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