NCB Opposes Rhea Bail Plea as they call an active member of the drug syndicate

The NCB has now put an affidavit in the Bombay High Court on Monday where they have opposed the bail application of the lady Rhea Chakraborty as she emerged as an important link in the drug syndicate. She along with her brother Showik and the former manager of the late actor Miranda Samuel were arrested by the NCB when their whatsapp chat appeared in the debate. There is enough electronic evidence coming against the lady and her brother.

Hence her lawyer came with the bail petition in Bombay High Court, the NCB came out with the opposition stating that they should not be allowed to get the bail. The NCB has filed an affidavit on behalf of the Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede stating that there is enough evidence that suggests her involvement in this syndicate. They can produce the electronic evidence which can be seen from their mobile phones, laptop and hard disk that suggest the payment done for the drugs.

They claimed that there is ample evidence against the two to prove that they have been involved in the financing of illicit trafficking of drugs. They also claimed that the court should look at the overall picture and then take the required action. They said that Sushant was connected with them and they were the same who harboured him with the drugs. The drugs were carried out at her residence and then stored there for the consumption of the late actor. Stay tuned to know more about the case and others only with us.


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