Ireedui Gantogtokh (IZ), The Hustler of the Entrepreneurial industry

Entrepreneurs have extraordinary capabilities which is what makes them different from the ordinary. They know very well what will pave their way to success and one such successful entrepreneur who has already built a strong path in this journey is Ireedui Gantogtokh aka IZ.

Born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Ireedui is a professional and experienced entrepreneur. He has a versatile personality and unique Self- confidence to attain great things in his life.

Since childhood Ireedui was attracted to computers and gadgets. He was a digital geek who made it to companies like Google, Fiverr, and Envato at the age of 18 only. By focusing on his interests from the beginning he made his career in the same field. Today, he owns a company named Meborny. Manifesting his knowledge and skills to the most optimum use, he has become the owner and CEO of the company Meborny.

Ireedui is standing strong and has put a smile on many faces facing the hard miles. To face such ordeals in his life he seeked motivation from his father-Gantogtokh Damdinjav. Being Ireedui’s mentor, he gave me the Ireedui push which he needed to find his position in the company and gave him the absolute confidence that made Ireedui successful.

Expatiating about his company Meborny, it is an online learning platform meant for the purpose of educating young computer geeks. It is assisting students, companies, and governments gain the skills they need to reach their goals. Meborny was set up during the year 2014 and is helping to achieve the dream of many.

This young digital geek has mastered his skills in various fields. He is not only the owner of Meborny but also holds the companies and He is also a crew member at MERCEDES BENZ AMG PETRONAS F1 team and Angel Investor of, Bets. MN. This young lad has also worked for the development of  Social Bakers’s for last 7 years.

Keeping his professional talks aside, Ireedui also runs a YouTube channel of his own. He shares motivational videos related to his struggles, failures, and success on his YouTube channel (

His podcasts are also featured at renowned platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon. These podcasts speak about his life and career experiences so far.

Ireedui is an unstoppable Entrepreneur who continues to move forward with perseverance and immense grit.

Devashish Jain

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