Fantasy Prediction For Free : How Cricket Expert Pratap Singh Rathod Changed the Way People Look at Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Prediction For Free is one of the biggest fantasy cricket analysis channels in the country, with 3.3 Lakh subscribers and over 83 lakh views, it has made an undeniable impact in the community of fantasy cricket players. Pratap Singh Rathod, the channel creator is an expert in fantasy cricket prediction and analysis, and with his accurate match and player predictions he has become one of the most trusted names.

His Telegram channel has also become a mecca for fantasy sports, the regular news updates, concise analysis and the community rapport have drawn in thousands of people.

Becoming better in games like Dream11 and MyFab11 is not easy, but with the right help even steep slopes feel like pastures. Rathod says, “Of Course something like fantasy sports will always be tricky, but that doesn’t mean the game is entirely out of your hands. There are patterns to the players, if you study cricket – like I have – you will find a consistency in cricket as well. Each match needs to be studied so you can make an accurate prediction, but once you’ve been doing it for a long time, you are able to see what will happen because you recognise the strengths of the players and their performance.”.

With Rathod’s help, many are able to grasp a new understanding of the game and make savvy choices in fantasy cricket and up their chances of winning. Rathod is known for his in-depth yet easy to grasp content.

The community garnered at Fantasy Prediction For Free is an active one, always abuzz with the latest developments and always focused on making the most accurate points. Rathod comments on this saying, “I have been following cricket for a long time and I have a fair idea of how the game functions, but a fresh set of eyes can spot something I might have missed and I always welcome a fresh perspective. The discussions and discourse that happen in my community are endlessly enlightening, you always learn something new and I’m so glad that I could create something so dynamic.”.

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