Becoming an Artist & Producer by Profession at the mere age of 19 without getting distracted is an inspirational story that would guide the youngsters to follow their profession and be consistent towards it. Introducing Divyam Agarwal, who is also a self-made Millionaire who owns 3 Companies namely SWAGGER DEEVS, The Real Preneur, and Deevs Mp3. The very fact that he is making an average turnover of more than 1 million dollars a year at such a tender age is very intriguing.

Making his parents proud of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, Divyam Agarwal is one such personality who takes pride in his profession. Divyam comes from a small town with a proper knowledge of hard work and pure strategy with his intentions and dreams that were never small.

Being the proud founder of SWAGGER DEEVS, he has made it one of the leading Digital Marketing Companies that not only fulfills the basic requirements and demands but also leaves the clients satisfied with additional services. However, Deevs Mp3 is indisputably the most well-known venture of Divyam. Deevs Mp3 is an artist management and marketing agency that has helped many singers and actors realize their dreams. Because of his involvement in the entertainment industry, Divyam himself has been one of the successful clients of Deevs Mp3.

Possessing both talent and passion, Divyam has put in his 100% effort in his work so as to make his dreams into reality. He has collaborated with several established artists and has released a number of hits during his musical career. He is not going to stop until he creates his own mark of success. Here is his journey from an artist and celebrity manager to becoming a celebrity.

Divyam is looked up to by many people mainly the youngsters as one of the best Artists that our country has today. His ever-progressing goals and motivation to follow through with them inspires the youth of the nation to also start out on their success stories. Making his fans impatient Divyam is presently working to release several songs and collaboration with some of the top influencers and celebs of the entertainment industry.

We are pretty sure that, once you hear his music tracks, you would become his loyal fan forever. For that, all you need to do is connect to him on all his social media handles linked below in this article. Always keep an eye on those social platforms to stay updated with all the new, fun, and exciting things Divyam has to offer.



Jeetu Likhar

Jeetu Likhar is a digital marketer, content writer and SEO Junkie. He loves to toy around B Town ventures and has played a pivotal role in driving things smooth using his expertise in digital marketing. He is a Bollywood Enthusiast and loves to dwell around this industry thus making him an important part of this venture.
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