Did KRK called Mika Singh’s song as “Suwar”?

The self proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan often called as KRK is back in the news again and this time heckling the singer Mika Singh. This came out when the singer was seen announcing one diss track against KRK who is all set to do something against Mika. While reacting to this Kamaal R Khan called the song to be Suwar. he was seen talking about the song Suwar whom he announced would be coming soon. He claimed that he would dedicate it to Mika SIngh for the title Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni that he claimed to have done on Twitter. 

Well, you can check the tweet what KRK has put across. 

We already see how Salman Khan has slapped him with the defamation case against the self critical man after he gave some really dirty remarks and ratings on his recently released movie Radhe. This is the time when the signer Mika Singh took the side of Salman Khan and took a jibe on the self proclaimed critic. This further led to the feud between the singer and KRK. 

Since then the two have been fighting like cat and mouse. Mika was called mouse by KRK and he went on to call Mika to be a chirkut singer who is simply trying to comment on this issue to get mileage.  Mika was speaking on this issue in his recent interview when he was asked to comment on the film and the words of KRK. 

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan

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