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Brahmarakshas 2: Now Nikki Sharma is learning this on the sets of the show

Nikki Sharma, who plays Kalindi in the show Brahmarakshas 2, is now learning to drive scooty on the set. Nikki is playing the lead role for the first time. The actress is working extremely hard for her first supernatural show and is not giving up the opportunity to learn something new.

For a recent scene, where Kalindi accidentally hit Angad for the first time in a market, Nikki was required to drive a scooty. She had never driven Scooty before, but for this scene she not only learned to drive Scooty but also said that this experience was very exciting and encouraging for her.

Sharing her experience, Nikki Sharma said, “I tried some new things for the show Brahmarakshas 2, one of which is to drive a scooty. Initially when the scene came to me, I told the producers that I don’t know how to drive scooty and I will not be able to make a balance. However, he wanted to shoot the scene in this way and so I decided to practice regular on the set for about 5 days, before taking my master shot.”

“It seemed quite difficult in the first few days, but by the fifth, I had done it completely and during the shoot I was able to handle the vehicle well. This was a new thing for me as I had never driven a scooty before and it was a really fun experience. “

Actor Pearl V Puri is seen playing the role of Angad in the show alongside Nikki.

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