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Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta, emotionally said this when he was expelled from the show

The confrontation between Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan has been continuous ever since Vikas entered Bigg Boss 14. And this progressed significantly in the latest episode, when Vikas pushed Arshi, and she fell into the swimming pool.

Later, it became an issue in Bigg Boss house and both Vikas and Arshi were separated from each other. While Arshi refused to speak up with Vikas and demanded that he should be expelled, Vikas also looked very emotional.

After one point, he lost control and started crying. Vikas revealed that he has not studied after completing his twelfth standard and has been working since the age of 17. He further said that he has worked hard to reach wherever he is today and people keep trying to pull him.

The TV producer and screenwriter said that people always try to show him wrong, which sometimes makes him feel that he is a bad person. He further shared that people want to show him as a negative person.

Vikas said, “What else should I do, thatfeels good, makes me good.” Also, he got so upset that he said, “I am tired of life.” Vikas said,” I have none. I am alone. “He also said,” I will not be here.” Aly went and hugged him.

Later, Bigg Boss talks to Vikas and Arshi and slams both of them for their behavior towards each other. Further, he said that Vikas was wrong in pushing Arshi and asked Vikas to leave the house.

Vikas goes out saying that the audience is watching and he does not want to say anything.

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