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Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant Reaches the Finale getting the Reward INR 3.6 Million

Despite the buzz against Rakhi Sawant when people wanted to get rid of her from the house, we see the drama queen reaching inside the house. The show has reached the final phase where the makers will now be going to have its winner soon. The Friday episode seemed to come up with a new task for the ticket coming for the finale that seemed to have got the announcement. In this task, we saw Bigg Boss would decide upon a new task for the ticket for the final announcement.

In this task, one can find Bigg Boss which can help in deciding upon a certain amount for anyone among Rahul Vaidya along with others including Aly Goni and Rakhi Sawant entering the show. She went on to say that the amount she will get will be in a form of cheque or would shred the same in a shredder. If contestants are seen choosing to deposit the cheque then will get the prize money.

On the other hand, Rakhi seemed confused about the tasks and was not able to come out with the decision. She got the help from Paras Chhabra and Devoleena Bhattacharjee who suggested that she must save herself and then think of sacrificing the money. Soon it was revealed that the money she would get is around 14 lakhs and Rakhi would rather choose to go ahead in the game and thus was seen shredding the cheque. The winning amount for the new season would be around 36 lakhs once Rakhi decided the same.


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