Asli Daud’s ventures are facilitating every worthy talent out there.

What forms the heart and mind of the leading social media agency-“Asli Media Group”. Renowned as the “Best Social Media Marketing Agency”, the “Best Social Media Firm” and with innumerable other entitlements, to ponder over what distinguishes it and propels it the pinnacle is intriguing.

The sole factor that the Asli Media Group has been creating wonders, ever since they got the curtains rolling, pertains to the skills and the prodigious mind of the man controlling the reigns, Asli Daud. Well versed with a multitude of domains, being a celeb manager, a film producer, a social media marketer and strategist, a cybersecurity expert, Daud has been unstoppable. Ever since the age of 15, Daud had a proclivity towards the tech.

Founding the Asli Media Group, he has laid down the fundamental of three competent firms namely Asli Digital media, Asli Media Partners, and Bollydad. The three firms were established with a collaborative mindset and the notion of uplifting people with deserving reach. Daud with the utmost desire of implementing and effectuating his hard-acquired skillset formulated the firms, which in no time gained supremacy in the media world.

Provisioning the best PR services to celebs, artists, brands, and foreign nationals, Daud currently has a ginormous client base of 1000+ with hotshots like Zayn Saifi, Kate Alexeeva, Alii Muhammed, and sundry other prominent celebs in his connections. He has already uplifted many, through his film productions, and songs that he has launched in the industry.

PR services, media management, organic growth, Daud has his unique strategies lined up for each of his clients. The out-of-the-box strategies have brought eminence to many. One could check out the testaments regarding his prolific works on

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