Aashram 3 trailer : Bobby Deol is back as Baba with God Complex, Esha Gupta attracts him

After considerable anticipation from fans, Aashram 3 will be released soon. The teaser was released today, and it is nothing short of intense. In Ek Badnaam Aashram, Bobby Deol reprises his role as Baba Nirala, the megalomaniac baba who continues to bend every rule to suit himself and has evolved into a power-hungry foe. He views himself to be God and believes he is superior to all others. The might of Aashram has reached its pinnacle.

Aashram 3
Aashram 3

After seeing the trailer, fans were eager to see Esha Gupta and her sizzling chemistry with Bobby Deol. “Esha Gupta is the biggest addition in the Aashram series,” one person wrote. I’m looking forward to seeing Esha.

When it comes to ‘Aashram,’ his admirers are eagerly anticipating the third season. An entertainment website quoted Deol as saying, “I think what happened with Ashram was Season 1 was split into Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. So a lot of people and everybody is getting confused that Season 3 is coming out, actually, it is Season 2. But maybe they will come out with Season 2 Chapter 3, you know. I don’t know when it is coming out, but even I want it to come out soon. Because of Corona, it got delayed, and hopefully, it should be out in May but I am not sure.”


Aashram 3 Trailer :


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