8 April 2021 Daily Amazon Quiz Answers : Participate and get Pay Balance

Amazon Daily Quiz 8 April 2021 Answers

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Today’s Amazon Quiz Details:

  • Amazon quiz today prize
  • Amazon quiz Date – 8 April 2021
  • Winners List Will Declare On – 8 April 2021
  • Winner: 1

How To Enter Into Quiz:

  1. Download Amazon Mobile App
  2. Log in with your credentials
  3. Click on Menu Button
  4. Go to the search section
  5. Search Funzone
  6. On the top, you can see the Amazon Daily Quiz banner
How To Play
How To Play

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers – 8 April 2021

Q1: In March 2021, Which Indian Wrestler Grabbed The 53kg Gold Medal At Ukraine And Reached The World Number One Rank?
Answer 1: Vinesh Phogat

Q2: As A Sustainability Commitment, Which Company Made The World’s First Ever Consumer PC Using Plastic Waste In Ocean In 2021?
Answer 2: HP

Q3: Who Won The 2021 Golden Globe Award For Best TV Series?
Answer 3: The Crown

Q4: What Is The Name Of The Famous Speech Given By This Icon?
Answer 4: I Have A Dream

Q5: The Birth Of Whom Is Being Portrayed In This Picture?
Answer 5: Jesus Christ

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