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Urfi Javed Goes Gets Got again in another Trolls for her raunchy avatar

Urfi Javed is known for gaining eyeballs too often. All thanks to her raunchy avatars. The actress seemed to be leaving her jaws dropped with the help of her revealing pantsuit that came along as her latest appearance. Now netizens are getting enough chances to troll her for her hot looks. We now see the actress working over the braless avatar. Well, you need to check the post first and then check the details as under:

The moment her post came from Urfi and is seen trolled over the outfit with a garbage bag. She seemed to be recreating the looks carried out by Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Rihanna. Urfi is seen flaunting the same and is now seen coming up with her pinkish nude tones in her makeup. Some of the comments coming from the netizens are as under: 


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A post shared by Urrfii (@urf7i)

Tuesday remains as pink !”

The moment we can see the video on the web, there are several netizens who were seen being bombarded with the comment section that witnesses the backlash.

Someone said, why not complete the dress.

Another commented, “Shameless creature”

The other guy said “Bra pahan lo button na kul jai,” a comment read.

Another comment came as a suggestion to wear a bra. 

Well, it is interesting to see how trolls do keep on coming for the girl as she seemed busy showcasing her raunchy look. Stay tuned to know more about her and others only with us.

We wonder when all the trolling for Urfi is going to come to an end. But we cannot shy from accepting that she’s stronger than most we know!

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