The Acting Journey of Tariq Ahmad Khan

Tariq Ahmad Khan is a well-known Instagram star and influencer who owns Bombay Lamp Shades, a high-end lighting shop in Nawabs, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and is a popular figure on Instagram.

Mumbai-born actor Tariq Ahmad Khan (24 years old) is a native of the city. He spends his free time working out in the gym or bodybuilding. Tariq was born to Fatima Khan and Talha Ahmad and attended Lucknow Cathedral School. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Amity University and took great pride in being Indian and a practicing Muslim. 

He has a solid and distinct personality with a height of 5’10’ and a weight of only 68 kgs. The term “brown-eyed, black-haired man” is commonly used to describe Tariq. His go-to dish is Biryani, a non-vegetarian dish, so you know he likes meat. He wrote that he is single when asked about his relationship status.

His passion has always been acting, but what began as a hobby has now evolved into a career. When he started uploading his reels on Instagram, they became a significant part of his life. His reels mainly encompass the areas of Entertainment and Comedy, and he believes that “consistency is key” and updates on Instagram regularly.

Traveling is one of his favorite pastimes, and London is his favorite trip destination. He likes Shahrukh Khan and Jacqueline Fernandes, just like the rest of us, and watches Bollywood movies in his spare time. He enjoys football and considers Lionel Messi one of the world’s best players.

Spending one’s own money is a good investment. Those employed by it are also impacted. Tariq is hardworking and persistent in his pursuits. He has a net worth of 50 lakhs and an annual salary of 31–5 lakhs.


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