Shahid Sharif’s take On Success, Hardships and Entrepreneurship.

We are stuck in a creed where we let others’ suppositions suffocate our voice, our dreams, and our interests. Not many have the guts to avoid these careless conclusions to get to them and to seek after their dreams courageously. We will find out about one such individual today-Shahid Sharif aka Shahid Zaki, a 29-year-old entrepreneur who made his pathway for success. Shahid Sharif (or Shahid Zaki) is any other conventional human being like me and you, who is accomplishing big in the IT world. He experienced childhood in the little town of Kasur Region, Pakistan.

Despite perpetual resistance on account of his family, he felt free to seek after his interest in the IT division. Shahid Sharif otherwise known as Shahid Zaki was only in ninth grade when he got his first PC. A Pentium 2. He portrays his connection with his PC as a fascination. Although he got a great deal of chastening for being on his PC the majority of his days, it couldn’t waver the association he felt to it. What’s more, against his dad’s desires, this fixation just developed with time. He moved to the city of Lahore to seek training in the field of IT and to be nearer to chances of development.

Today, Shahid Sharif/ Shahid Zaki runs a fruitful multidimensional organization Frame Hype LLP. The organization gives branding, designing, developing, and social media marketing services to its various national and international customers. He manages Web-based Media marketing and management. Dealing with his customers’ online media stages (Facebook, Youtube) and aiding crowd development through these stages is one of his significant jobs.

Coming from a low pay family, Shahid needed to confront various difficulties when showing a drive. He needed to work day and night to make a decent living around there while concentrating close by. The way to progress is anything but a simple one and his story certainly portrays the same. During and after the finish of his B.Sc. in Computer Sciences he took different drives that were destroyed and fruitless yet he didn’t surrender.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”- Winston Churchill. The statement became one of his mantras that kept Shahid Zaki moving when others would have surrendered.

Setting up a fruitful business isn’t the place where the excursion of a financial specialist closes. That is only the beginning of and progressing venture. To keep a business developing, novel thoughts and drives should be acquainted from time to time. At the point when Shahid had gotten some information about his goals in the future, he said he needs to fabricate an environment for new IT companies. Upon additional scrutinizing, he clarified that his objective that he is presently dealing with building a framework where they chase content makers in far-off regions.

They look for people who have the enthusiasm to roll out an improvement through their work or their IT abilities yet don’t have the way to do as such. Frame Hype at that point furnishes them with these assets and freedom to upgrade their abilities and not let their abilities go to squander. Shahid Sharif aka Shahid Zaki said that when he began this excursion of his, the lone thing impairing him from his objectives was his detachment to legitimate resources. By giving these chances to other youthful strivings for business opportunities, the organization gives them a place of refuge to deal with their abilities and bettering them. For more information, check out Mr. Shahid Sharif’s Facebook profile.

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