Ashwin Golani produced Tack “Jee Le Chal” Gets an Overwhelming Response to emerge as the favorites of music lovers 

As we live in this pandemic time, the entire industry is disrupted all across the world. This has also given people to return to their hobbies and things that give them happiness and bliss. These also include many returning to their hobby of music.  More and more people are giving time to their love for music and exploring the old and new tracks. A few tend to remain favorite for many, while others are seen enjoying them a lot. Some of these remain melodious and soothing with mesmerizing music and cool visuals creating some of the best aura around.

These include the one released in the late nineties and the one called Jee Le Chal. The song is known for its unique lyrics giving all freshness to the audience by touching the deepest chords to give them the best during this tough time. Ashwin Golani is the man behind producing this touching and incredible music masterpiece. He is among the emerging music producers in Tinsel town and is just 20 years old young man who has a passion for music and has shown courage and efforts in producing quality music pieces for music lovers.

He is not just the producer of the song, but also the creator of it, giving people the best track that suits and nourishes their ears and senses, making it a treat for all. The playback singing is done by Ankush and Rameet and they have done justice giving the best of their voices, while Renny remains the music director who has left no stone unturned to add perfect visuals that remain appealing all the time for the audience. Right from jotting down the lyrics to music composition, video editing, and other technical stuff, things are done by the man called Rameet.

With this song, Ashwin Golani emerges as the top and the youngest producer of the song and he seemed to be elated when the song was released quickly without worrying about the music and other things. This has added the confidence of the people in him and they know that he has the knack and competence to bring back some of the best songs for his audience. The song Jee Le Chal is getting viral and has brought too many music lovers to enjoy it. If you have still not gone through the song, check the link at YouTube and in case if you want to connect with Ashwin Golani on Instagram, note his handle @ashwingolani_

Devashish Jain

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