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Amazing Golfer and Fitness master Leah Gruber Heats Up the Course

Leah Gruber was exposed to the game as a promotional model and aerialist in Las Vegas. She started by going to the driving range and Top Golf with friends. Over the past year, she relocated back to Minnesota, and wanted to take the game seriously and engaged her sister in the process. The two of them played out of her sister’s bag and down the fairway they went. After a year of borrowing her sister’s clubs, or playing out of one bag, Leah knew it was time to make that transition.

Leah Gruber is a true fitness professional. During her studies at the University of Minnesota her love of athletics led her to first begin teaching group fitness classes. Leah further became involved in fitness by becoming a Fitness Program Assistant at the U of M Recreational Center where she managed over 40 instructor staff. After graduating college, Leah continued her interest in group fitness by teaching at popular health clubs such as Lifetime Fitness and LA fitness. Also during that time she first branched into personal training so she could have a positive impact on the health of individuals as well. Leah likes her workouts to be fun and goal oriented for sustainability. And to reinforce the mind body connection, Leah favors body weight exercises like aerial yoga, plyometrics, handstands, aerial fitness, sprints, and traditional yoga.

Quite unexpectedly, it was also during her college years that Leah first developed her passion for aerial arts; all from taking an elective course in circus. Over the next four years post-graduation Leah would further hone her aerial skills by attending instructional classes at a local aerial acrobatics gym in her home town. Finally, after years of practice and dedication Leah decided to take a chance. She decided to turn what had been simply a passionate hobby of hers into an actual career. Leah left her hometown in Minnesota and moved to Las Vegas Nevada to pursue a career in aerial acrobatics. Over the last five years in Las Vegas Leah has found success as an aerial artist performing regularly at the Flamingo Hotel in the Margaritaville show. Additionally, she has done freelance performances on multiple apparatuses at various venues including: The Bellagio, Venetian, M Resort, Aria, The Venue (AZ), Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas Convention Center, Tropicana, Wynn, Iowa Convention Center, and Veer Towers.

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