8 B Town Divas with their Before and After Pictures Perplexing You about their Beauty

We hear an old adage that says that all that glitters is not gold, and similar is the stories of our B Town divas show remain gorgeous on the silver screen but they were not the same earlier before entering the showbiz industry.  In fact if  you look at their earlier pictures, you would get confused as the way they have gained on their beauty quotient is incredible. The kind of transformation they have witnessed seemed incredible for the divas. How about checking their earlier pictures and the current ones that confuse you about them? Have a look at the eight divas below with their before and after picture in B Town. 

1). Deepika Padukone – The leggy lass remained pretty different when she just entered B Town appearing against King Khan in 2006 with her film Om Shanti Om. Check the difference of the diva.

Deepika Padukone

2). Priyanka Chopra – She is a global icon and ready to appear in Hollywood movie Matrix 4, but looking at her debut film in B Town, you can be a little perplexed about her looks.

Priyanka Chopra

3). Bipasha Basu– The dusky beauty seemed pretty different when she entered B Town.

Bipasha Basu before and after
Bipasha Basu before and after

4). Shipla Shetty – Age for her number as she still seems so young on the silver screen, however, her debut film picture can make you feel upside down.

Shilpa Shetty before and after
Shilpa Shetty before and after

5). Kajol – For the talented actress, everything has transformed, right from her skin colour to her entire figure making you wonder if she is the same lady.

6). Sridevi – The late actress seemed gorgeous in her stunning movie days, however, she seemed very much different when she entered Bollywood films.

7). Hema Malini – Her pictures can make you feel baffled, thanks to the authentic beauty she has on her face that seemed visible when she entered the film industry.

Hema Malini

8). Rekha – If you check the all-time diva picture, it seemed pretty confusing when we saw her earlier day photo. 


So, who’s your favourite one, do let us know by commenting below.

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